Internet of Things is transforming the physical objects that surround us into an ecosystem of information that will enrich our lives.  It’s about embedding intelligence so things become smarter and do more than they were proposed to do.

IoT Development and Consulting

 IoT or Internet of Things is a vital concept nowadays in all walks of life. It’s way too easy and convenient to connect everything with everyone in this digital world. IoT is a network of physical devices that can be embedded with software and other electronics so that data and information can be shared. We stand amongst the leading IoT Services and Solution Providers to take your business to a different level with innovative IoT powered solutions. Find the right IoT platform to give a kick start to your business. We follow a refined approach to understand your business needs and find best-fit IoT solutions that accelerate the marketing of your products or services with no risk factor involved. We are here to improvise your business value with cost-effective and efficient solutions. IoT can be experienced across all industries Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automobile, Retail, Energy, Construction, Smart Cities.

Services Offerings

IoT Consulting

Integration & Implementation

Analytics & Insight

IoT Development

IoT Consulting

Providing insights to clients for enabling them to embark on their IoT journey. Facilitating Roadmap Creation, Domain-based Value Stream Mapping, Business Case Preparation, Use Case Definition, Solution Blueprinting, Business KPIs and ROI Mapping.

Integration & Implementation

Providing end-to-end solutions, from sensor / equipment integration & M2M Communication, to Business Intelligence Integration, by leveraging partner products / platforms and our domain expertise.

How to works

Project Briefing

Detailed understanding of the client’s requirement and expectation from the solution. Clear definition of the goals, data points to be captured and/or controlled, metrics, reports, risks, success criteria and desired project execution timelines.

PCB Designing

Create execution plan, develop application flow and wireframes, design and develop hardware (PCB design, Fabrication and Assembling) and implement concept.

PCB Demo

Install hardware and configure PoC. Demonstrate functional model, captured data points and showcase analytics, reports and controls.

PCB schematic & layout

Review results vis-à-vis requirement and develop pilot or production plan.

IoT Development

BitByte aligns a team of IoT developers who specialize in custom IoT development. The team has varied industry exposure and can develop solution to address any business need leveraging the full potential of IoT technology. BitByte follows the process and documentation guideline provided by the framework. Project Status Report on weekly basis with the client help to monitor the development and avoid gaps, if any.

Analytics & Insight

Develop & deploy analytics for our offered solutions, and based on applied analytics, generate actionable insights available to business users for process & productivity optimization.

Industry Solutions

Smart Industry

Smart Home

Weather Monitoring

Smart City & Building

Advantage of IoT Application

There are many advantages of incorporating IoT into our lives, which can help individuals, businesses, and society on a daily basis. IoT application can control and collect enormous data points directly from the device or platform where it is embedded without any human intervention. The application of IoT is possible across all industries and business challenges. IoT has a huge potential to transform any business and take to the next level.

  • Automated processes through sensor coding to increase business opportunities
  • Enhanced Asset Utilization, Real-time data collection for advanced analytics
  • Efficient Processes optimization, based on data insight
  • Improved Safety and Security control
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Cost saving

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